Natural Nutrition for baby | breast feeding mums

No doubt, if given a choice, my wife will continue with breast feeding even after she resume work, as she really enjoy to be breast feeding mums. There are tones of benefits of breast feeding, it saves our money on formula milk and the most important, it is good for baby immune system.

Once my wife delivered, the nurse asked, do your prefer breast feeding? Of cause, our answer is yes and in fact, the doctor encourage this. Once you've given birth, breast feeding is the single most important thing you can do to protect your baby
and help to promote good health.  Best of all, breast
feeding it is 100% natural and it is free.

Babies that are fed with formula get sicker more often and more seriously
than babies that are breast fed. I’ve asked around my friends and relatives, I found that 9 out of ten cases, baby with breast feeding have less
ear infections, respiratory infections, and other

Sucking on the breast will also help with the
development or jaw alignment and the development of
the cheekbone.  Another interesting reasons is that, it helps mother to get back to shape more easily.

Breast milk is always ready, always
available, convenient, and always the right temperature
for feeding.  Plus, it contains all of the vitamins and minerals your growing baby needs, saving you a 
lot of money. I got to admit that in the initial start, first few time of breast feeding, you will really need patient and patient, at least for case of my wife.

Breast feeding also offers many benefits for the mom
and baby. Even the first few time my wife did found some pain, the baby sucking at the breast will cause
contractions right after birth, leading to less
bleeding for the mom, and helping her uterus to it's
shape before pregnancy much faster. 

Breast feeding will also burn calories, so a mom can
lose weight much faster than if she fed her baby with
a bottle. This reason alone saves you tones of money to these body care centre, which to me, is really need a lot of money. Most important, being breast feeding mums will also create a special
bond with the mother and the baby - which is one
thing formula simply cannot do.

Understand your baby, fever in children | Breast Feeding Mums

It have been more than 8 months since my wife delivery, we really enjoy our life with our new family member, now, it’s time to have more understanding on our children, appropriate knowledge can get rid of nervous and fears. I guess the most normal case to come across is fever in children.

Fever in children is going to be a serious care if we as adult did not take well care of them. Whenever baby cries for no reasons other than hungry and sleepy, i started to be alert, i will measure his temperature with thermometer. I consulted my doctor, the normal temperature of human body is 98.6°F. If the temperature is taken rectally, the thermometer will show a rise of 1°F, that is it will show 99.6°F. If the body temperature  crosses the mark of 99.4°F when taken orally, it is consider as fever!

For this reason, i bought a digital thermometers for our home usage, as it provide a more accurate temperature reading. Once with three consequence high temperature (an hour each), I will direct head over to the clinic for doctor advice. Medicines are available for children, depending on their needs, age and weight. Even through medicines like Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, and Tylenol for children are available over the counter, I will never take medicines for my baby without advices from doctor.

Other than that, certain symptoms call for immediate attention and the doctor must be contacted immediately. Child must be made to wear comfortable cotton cloths which help the body to breath properly and at the same time absorbs the sweat. The child should also be given fluids constantly, my son drinks an reasonable amount of water daily, in order to combat with dehydration.  

As a new comer to the parenthood, fever in children is one of the lesson that we will need to learn.