Things to do during pregnancy

pregnant silhouette

Image by mahalie via Flickr

Do you exercise regularly? What are the most practical things to do during pregnancy? Women who exercise regularly normally will have an easier or more comfortable pregnancy. My wife did practice yoga before her pregnancy; I personally feel that exercise really help her a lot during the pregnancy. In fact, it helps a lot more during her delivery, as in yoga, you will be taught about proper breathing technique, which, to me, is one of the key techniques during labor. There are classes for yoga as well which specially held for pregnant women.


During pregnancy, some women tends to eat a lot, regular exercise will help you to control your weight as well. Is there anything to be caution for exercise during pregnancy?

Below are some of my personal sharing, as what I read from books and information from the Internet, one thing for sure, consult your doctor whether it’s suitable for you, there are certain condition where exercise during pregnancy is not advisable.

  1. Common sense. Do not exercise if you feel tired, you shall get more rest instead.

  2. Drinks more water…I guess everyone know about this…

  3. Know your limit. You shall not over do it and remember to do some stretching before exercise…that’s what we called warm up.

  4. Its advice that you do it together with your loves one, that’s your husband!!! There are really joy and memorable moment when I go exercise together with my wife when she was pregnant. At least some one is watching you carefully, caring about you…great moment!!!

  5. I guess walking and swimming will be easier exercise during pregnancy. Even after delivery, enjoy life as breast feeding mums